Why Isn’t Wolverine In The New X-Men?

You may have seen the new trailer for the X-mMen Apolcalypse movie and asked yourself the same thing I asked, “Where is Wolverine?”
He is the most popular, most badass character in the group…
He is not in the movie.
What the hell is that about?
I would just like to imagine that Hugh Jackman told the studio that he wasn’t interested in the role after they already planned on him being in the movie.
So they haphazardly tried to change the movie around because they no longer have their most beloved character.

Anyway I thought of who is in the move besides the one character that everyone loves.
These are some the characters that are in the movie, according to the IMDB page, besides Wolverine.

Professor Xavier
Jean Grey

I don’t see him on the cast list.
Oh I see here. See what they did?
He has uncredited part as Logan.
Also known as Wolverine.
So basically he shows up and then leaves.
What the hell is that about?
They could get him on the set but not in the majority of the movie?
This movie is going to suck.

And I don’t buy the bullshit that the director is selling by saying that Wolverine isn’t involved with the movie because of the story.
Yeah. It’s called writing.
Change the story so that your most popular character gets a bigger role.
They did that with Days Of Future Past and it worked out fine.
Don’t act like the story is going to be better without Wolverine, it won’t.

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