Movies Shaping Our History: Nazis

I think that the way we all think about what the Nazis did during WW2 and how they will be viewed in the future will be different.
Today, especially in movies, the Nazis are the go-to bad guys.
They have the look.
They have the rallies.
They have the leader to hate.
They want to take over the world.
They hate anyone in their way.
So they definitely are a good choice for a movie villain.
At least they used to be.
Also most of the people in Hollywood are Jewish.
So it should come to no surprise to anyone that they are pushing the anti-Nazi regime.

History has a way of forgiving bad leaders for some reason.
Napolean Bonaparte.
Ghenghis Khan.
Alexander The Great.
These men that polarizing figures of their day, and now we may not like them but we have to acknowledge their influence.
Say what you want about Napoleon’s height.
The guy was a master general.
We will over time, I don’t want to say forgive, because it is not forgiving them, we still view them as bad, we just appreciate some of the other parts they contributed to the world.
Why do we do this?
Well, no matter how you slice it, if you have an army that is close to taking over the world, then some people in the future, who have nothing to lose will respect the military exploits.
We aren’t going to be taken over by Genghis Khan’s armies so what is the big deal if we think he was a good general?
Also their once intimidating armies will fade.
Modern armies will make them look meek and not as advanced.
Napoleon wrote on horses.
So we look at that and say, “So the guy had a few horses, what is the big deal? That is not that scary.”
I may get in trouble for saying this, but we won’t hate the Nazis as much in the the future as we do today.
Their tanks will become outdated.
All the Holocaust survivors will die so we will lose a sense of intimacy with the horrors.
All we will know is that the Nazis were the last empire to get close to taking over the world.
If they would have done a few things differently we would all be speaking German.
We will marvel at the genius of Hitler as much as how bad of a guy he was.
This is how it should happen.
Why do I say this?
As I mentioned, look at history.
If bad guys perform impossible tasks then we have sympathy for them.
We justify their actions, due to our disbelief that someone could accomplish such an obstacle.
Unless movies change that.
Unless Nazis are always used as the bad guys in every movie still long after they are gone.
Which will not become appealing after awhile since the people like to have movies set in present day.
Will history give the Nazis the benefit of the doubt, like it has other historical tyrants?
Or will we continue to go with the movie narrative that Nazis are evil?
I guess we will have to wait and see.

If the Nazis are always used in movies as the bad guys and everyone knows who they are, then isn’t that an empire in a way?
Didn’t they conquer movies in a sense?
It is ironic that without the hatred built by Hollywood, the Nazis would not be as universally hated by people.

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