Does Tim Burton Even Try Anymore?

What the hell happened to Tim Burton?
He used to be so cool.
So hip.
He was what every weird goth nerd wanted to be.
They wear all black, but somehow make it work.
And somehow people who didn’t wear black liked him.
You can say that he was a hipster who had crossover appeal.
The dude didn’t even know Batman but still managed to pull it off.
He made Halloween and Christmas in the same movie.
Somehow he made a movie about a guy with scissors for hands watchable.
Plus he made Beetlejuice.
What happened?
Now he is making Alice Through The Looking Glass?
What the hell?
Where is the originality that once defined Tim Burton?
He would make films that were so different from the norm that even if you didn’t like them you would at least respect the creativity behind them.
Now he is taking other people’s work and adding his own gothness to it.
Gothness is that even a word?
Anyway, now it is.
Hey Timmy if you are going to take people’s work and make them into a film then you might as well try my new book out.
I Killed The Man Who Wrote This Book this blog needs movies
Does it work as a film?
Probably not.
But neither did his other recent films.

Makes just as much sense as making another Alice In Wonderland.
What the hell Tim?
What are you doing with yourself?
It is like I am watching an old baseball player who used to be a gold glover, can’t even catch the ball.
And for the love of God, can he stop making films with Johnny Depp?
Seriously, it is too much.
It’s as if he looks at the casting manager and says, “Give this role to Johnny.”
“But Tim… that role is Alice.”
“I know. He is versatile.”
Dude, stop casting the same three people in every one of your films.
It is getting too much for me.
Does Burton just not like casting people?
Does he just not like people in general?
Or does he have a weird obsession with Depp?
Who knows?
Seems to me he makes a character or sometimes films just so Johnny Depp doesn’t have to go into other films.

And now Burton is trying to ruin his movies.
A favorite that I still watch today, Beetlejuice.
He is making Beetlejuice 2.
Let it be, Tim!
Let it be!
Don’t ruin one of your classic characters because you have no more original material!
According to this article, he is even considering removing Micheal Keaton from the film for, you guessed it, Johnny Depp.
Someone please Tim Burton that there are other good actors in the world that can make a film great besides Johnny Depp.

Thank God, that Burton isn’t going to cast Cable in the next Deadpool movie.
Somehow Johnny Depp would get the role.

Here is a scene from Beetlejuice.
I really hope Burton doesn’t mess up this classic.

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