The One Line That Makes Me Worry About Suicide Squad

What do I think of the new movie, Suicide Squad, coming out?
Not much.
I will admit that I didn’t know who the Suicide Squad even was before seeing the trailer.
I had to ask a friend of mine.
As soon as he told me that they were bad guys, I lost interest.
A story about a bunch of guys becoming bad isn’t appealing to me.
I don’t care how short Harley Quinn’s shorts are.
Talking about Harley Quinn, she say something in the trailer that makes me think the writers of the film don’t understand character.

It is at 2:11 of the minute.
She steals a pocketbook and then tells the others in the group it is no big deal.
“We’re bad guys. It is what we do.”
Since when do bad guys call themselves bad guys?
According to them they are not bad.
They are the good guys.
It is the world that is wrong and they are trying to correct it.
Did Darth Vader think he was evil?
Did the Wicked Witch Of The West think she was wicked?
They both thought they were right in their actions.
There was justification for their quest for power.
The thinking of a bad guy has to more than just, “Oh this is wrong.”
They can’t second guess themselves.
They are past that.
They are already thinking about what to do to get where they want to go.
Not, “Oh damn, I am being a bad person if I do this.”
I can’t believe that the writers would mess up on something basic like that.
The Joker doesn’t think he is bad.
He is good (according to him)
Batman is the bad guy.
It is the good guy that points out the badness in the villain, not the villain.
Not the other way around.
Maybe I should give this movie a pass because of the odd story structure to begin with.
But still, you never have the bad guy tell people they are bad.
If they think they are bad, then why are they acting that way to begin with?
It is too early to judge a film based on one line of a character in a trailer.
Maybe that scene isn’t even in the movie.
Still though, I can never imagine writing a bad character with the thought that I would have the bad character say they are bad.
To them, they are not bad.
To them, they are the good guys.

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