Movies Shaping Our History: Time Periods

For as long as humanity has been around he has tried to record just what the heck he was doing here.
You know that one day the caveman walked into the cave and looked around and said, “Crap. I forgot what I came in here for.”
And then writing, or recorded history changed everything.
You could forgot about hunting and gathering , (okay maybe not that stuff)
but you were still no longer required to remember everything since we as a people developed a way to put down thoughts and memories in ways that will remind us of what we want to remember.
So the caveman put a big buffalo on the wall to remind himself that when he came in from outside he had to make sure to get some buffalo with him as well.
These recordings, then changed and for better and for worse, stories that were not even real were being written on the wall.
“Hey! That is no buffalo!” The one caveman would point out.
“Yes. It is a story of how I will one day make it out of this cave.”
The pictures, or recordings were no longer used as reminders, but rather a way to entertain ourselves.
Now, you can see the growth we have made in writing.
We still utilize those same two thought processes, albeit with different devies and tools.
But what of our history?
Have we become too reliant on entertainment to teach us?
It seems that there is something going on with movies shaping history.
Quick! What was the 1920’s like?
What was the first thing you thought of?
A book you read from that time?
Maybe how your relatives lived?
Or maybe a famous person or two you heard of that lived back then?
Or maybe a movie.
You thought of a movie that you knew from the 1920’s to help you better understand that time in historical context.
Is that good?
Is it good that when you learn about WW2, you will watch Saving Private Ryan?
Or that you will watch The Patriot in order to get a better feel for the Revolution?
It if entertains you, then how is that bad?
Right? It is just a movie.
Haven’t we been doing that for as long as we have been telling stories?
People still say, “E tu Brutus?” as if Caesar actually said it.
Which he didn’t.
But Shakespeare wrote it that way, so it stuck.
Is it bad that we are learning history from entertainment tools?
That our schools are presenting these movies as factual?
I mean, it was based on an event, but it was not the event.
There were cameramen, producers actors, a script.
It was made up..

Movies can distort our interpretation of history.
You end up going by the movie, never realizing that it is just a story being told from one perspective.
It is not meant to capture everything about the era, just a part of it.
We are no different today.
Our lives will be summed up in a bunch of movies made about this era.
And the funny thing is, they may not even be made during our time.
It may be a hundred years from now.
And then when someone in the future gets asks about our time they will think not of a book, or a famous person from our time, but of a movie, that only tells part of our story.

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