If Life Is A Video Game…

This post has nothing to do with movies, but it relates to my previous post, “So The Matrix Is Real?”
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Scientists are starting to present the idea that there is a good possibility that life as we know it is a simulation.
Or in other words a video game.
Someone is controlling you and your movements.
In fact, according to that idea, someone is telling me to write the words I am putting down as someone is telling you to read the words.
Yeah, it is confusing.
So is it real?
Or should I say, “Are we real?”
Could it be that this whole experience we call life is no different from The Sims?
I don’t know.
But I am just going to ask this question;
If life is like a video game then who is the main character?
Who is Mario or Master Chief in this world?
Because that is a big part of video games.
Not everyone is being controlled, only the one character that you’re playing as is.
You can’t play multiple characters at once in a video game.
And more often than not that character is the hero to the story.
So how can life be like a video game when the one character is already scripted in as winning at the end?
Does that mean that the scientists are hard determinists too?
Since video games are already thought out as they are going to end before you even play them?
Or could it be this whole experience is like World Of Warcraft?
You are a character.
I am a character.
We are all characters with funky outfits on with certain potions and levels and moves and we interact to complete certain goals.
There is no real end to the game.
Just another DLC that you can play.
But even in that scenario there are certain people who do certain things.
Some are heroes, and some are villains.
Even in those games there are characters that are just there as computers.
Nobody controls them.
Am I making any sense at all?
Scientists can’t say that life is just like a video game and expect us all to nod our heads in agreement.
It is almost as if a scientist was questioning life and then someone told them about The Sims game and then they made up that analogy.
That is like saying life is a sport.
Well… yeah, but there are a lot of sports.
What are we talking about here?
Golf or skiing?
Skateboarding or basketball?
To say that we understand life by making an analogy towards another area that we think we understand would be foolish.
Playing Pacman is a lot different than playing Starcraft.
The idea of playing the game is just part of the game.
There is another level altogether that the scientists have to talk about if they are going to start comparing it to life.
If that was the case, then anything can be like life as long as there is one similar thing about it.
Life is a like an apple.
It goes bad eventually.
Life is like a car.
It takes alot of components to make it work.
Is life an apple or car just because I made a similarity between the two?
I’ll end with this though;
How many of these scientists have ever played video games?
Because if they are going to compare life to them, it would be nice to know they at least have played a few games before.

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