How Groundhog Day Explains God

You probably know the movie Groundhog Day for its theme of repeating the same thing over and over again.
Maybe even once or twice while at work you called out to your co-worker that your day is like Groundhog Day.
Everyday is the same.
That damn printer keeps getting jammed.
The computer is running slow.
And someone forgot to refill the water, again.
I bet it was one of the people in the other office.
They never want to get their hands dirty.
Is it too much to ask?
You clearly see that there is no more water left and there is a whole thing of it on the floor.
Just pick it up and refill it.
But anyway,
The lasting legacy of the film seems to be this connection to repetition.
The act of not just repeating the same thing over and over again, but knowing that you are repeating the same tasks.
Also it is the only movie that is famous about Groundhog Day.
If you like the movie as much as I do, then you have seen the scene I am going to show you a bunch of times already.
But for those of you who don’t know it, here is what going on.

Phil is really getting tired of repeating the same day over and over again.
He wants out.
He has done everything he wants to do.
In fact, he even kills himself a few times because he is that depressed.
The routine is old and Phil finally tells someone about what he is going through.
This person is Rita, his co-worker at the station who thinks he is a jerk.
He claims he is a god, or a demi god, which is like being a superhero, to Rita, who like any sane person disagrees with Phil’s assessment of his being.
To convince her of his powers, he then goes around the room giving facts about everyone in the diner, people he never met, according to Rita.
Phil is either a Sherlock Holmes in disguise or is who he claims to be, a god.
And since Rita doesn’t think much of Phil’s intelligence it is hard to believe that he is like Sherlock Holmes.

So here is my take on the scene.
It said alot about God without saying much about God.
Most times when you bring up God, there is no reason that God is so superior.
He is God, that is the reason.
He defines himself.
His being is him.
He is himself.
And all that other crap you know about.
But does that really answer anything?
Does it really explain God?
Well, you are not supposed to understand God.
He is too superior for a mortal man to fully grasp him.
So even when we are given reasons about God, we are not really given reasons.
He is great because he is God.
And if you don’t get his greatness, then you don’t get God because you are too stupid.
Groundhog Day is the only time I ever remember someone explaining God in a practical way.
He has been around for so long, that is why he knows so much.
He is not super powerful or really smart.
He has been repeating the same day for millions of years.
Think about it, how many years would God have been around before you and me, or anyone else on this planet showed up?
What hasn’t he seen at this point?
What would surprise him?
He has been here longer than all of us combined.
Whenever I see this scene I always stop for a minute or two and think about God.
This movie, that is known for a guy repeating the same day over and over again, somehow included an interesting narrative on God.
He is like Phil and we all are the people at the diner who can’t believe that he knows all of us.
What is his secret?
He has been here much longer than any of us can really imagine.

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