Does Zac Effron Still Sing?

Man what the hell happened to Zac Effron?
He used to be so cool.
All the girls loved him.
But he seemed like a chill enough guy to have a beer with.
He was dating that cute Latina chick.
In the movie he could play basketball.
And even the black guy liked him.
crossover this blog needs sports
Your coaches and teachers pretended to know who he was because all the students liked him.
They only knew that one song but it was alright.
They were trying.
Somehow he made it work even with that Justin Bieber haircut.
The dude was hotter then ever and then….
Then he grew up.
Damn you Disney and your exploitation of my ignorant youth.
You bastards leave talented actors out to dry once they hit a certain age!
And more importantly you ruin their careers for me!
Now where is Zac Effron?
He is making movies with Seth Rogen and that guy from Workaholics.
Granted he gets to star with Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick so I guess there is some tradeoff, but still.
Seth Rogen?
Zac is better than that.
Can he go back to singing?
Just trade in his six pack for some vocals?
Maybe go back to singing some cheesy songs with a catchy chorus?
How did the coolest guy fall so fast?
I mean, I can’t be the only one that liked the young Zac Effron more than the current one.
And how he didn’t get a role in one of the superheroes movie is beyond me.
The dude looks like he is made to be a superhero.
Doesn’t Disney now own Marvel?
Didn’t Zac work for Disney?
So him being in a Marvel movie is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.
I got it.
Have him play a superhero that sings.
Problem solved.
You can still have Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick in the movie.
They’re great.

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