Who I Would Cast As Master Chief

Eventually they will try to make Halo into a movie.
Because it has a fanbase and they are trying to grab large fanbases from non-movie venues into the theater.
It may not be today or even next year, but the day will come when someone looks at Halo and thinks, “You know what? We should make this a movie.”
And when they do, I have just the man to be Master Chief.
To be the hero of the universe.
He doesn’t have to say much, because he is a tank.
Want to hear him speak?
How about a punch to the face?
Cause that is what he does!
I would cast The Rock as Master Chief
I know right?
It is almost too obvious of a choice.
Remember that scene in Fast and The Furious 7 when he says that he is the cavalry?
That was him channeling his innner Master Chief.
The Master Chief that we all know is there.
When I saw that scene I jumped up and told my friend that is something that Master Chief would say.

Just look at both scenes and try to tell me that The Rock couldn’t pull off being Master Chief.

It is like The Rock is just waiting for someone to write a script for Halo and then be Master Chief.
I have been saying this for years.
He is Master Chief.
Someone get on making a script for this movie and cast this guy as the hero
I am not saying that Halo would be a good movie, but if they casted The Rock as Master Chief it wouldn’t hurt.

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