I Am Not Going To Be Nice To Rooster Teeth

There are people who have prospered from the internet explosive.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, this leads unqualified individuals into producing content in fields they don’t really belong even thinking about.
If these men or women weren’t lucky, then they would be no where near this field.
But they made a few bucks and now have the opportunity to not only create an original work, but promote it.
And we all suffer from it.
Take Rooster Teeth for example.
They made a bunch of videos about video games and now they can make a movie.
Because that is the same thing.
Not only are these individuals fortunate in their rise to fame, but they have created an excuse for their lack of success in the new fields.
What will they do?
They will shrug their shoulders and pretend like it is not their fault.
“We don’t really make movies.
We aren’t really actors.
We have never done this before.”
Why do I care if Rooster Teeth never made a movie before?
Or if those guys with too much time on their hands, (you know the ones who shoot a basketball out of a plane) make an awful tv series.
(Their actual name is Dude Perfect)
You can’t have it both ways.
First you got lucky because you made idiotic material in an age where stupidity in a niche market sells, and now, when you make an actual story with characters and development, you want a pass.
No. No. No.
That is now how it works.
But as soon as you make a movie, I am going to compare it to The Shawshank Redemption.
Too bad for you if it is not as good.
I don’t care where you came from or how much experience you have in the industry.
You created a film and if it sucks you have to deal with the criticism.
Don’t hide behind the curtain and cry foul.
“But we are amateurs! We didn’t know what we were doing!”
Whose fault is that?
As soon as I wrote my first book, I opened myself to a world of critique.
Does it matter that I self-published the book?
That I had no experience before doing so?
People will now compare my book to others.
Whether I want them to or not.
And I can’t hide and say that my lack of writing experience is enough of a reason for my fans to give me another shot.
I am going to apply the Pat Riley rule here;
If you are on the court, then you can play.
If you make a movie or tv series, then I am going to assume you are qualified in doing so.
If you can’t, then don’t produce it.
Get off the court.

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