Shut The Hell Up And Let Me Watch This Movie

Movie fans have to stop making up these stupid conspiracies.
Enough already.
Just stop.
It doesn’t make the movie any better if you present it from another angle.
“Oh Woody is the bad guy.”
Or this film is really a physiological trip to the mind.
Your analysis doesn’t make me like the movie any more.
This is coming from a guy who has said that Superman may be the Anti-Christ and that Scrooge is Charles Dickens.
Stop making videos of things I need to know about movies.
As if you made the freaking movie.
As if you wrote the script.
I don’t need to see anything you want me to see.
I should be able to walk into that movie theater without knowing anything about the movie, and still enjoy it.
If I can’t, then it is the movie’s fault, not mine.
Don’t pin their poor writing or lack of creativity on me, because I didn’t know that the one character’s back story was in the other movie and that one object has been used in all the movies in the universe so far.
Where do these people making these videos get so arrogant?
Who the hell died and gave you knowledge of film?
What? Because you say it, now it is true?
They have a video of moments you have to see twice.
Or of movies that have awful endings.
You people have enough time on your hands (obviously) so why don’t you make an actual script?
Put your money where your mouth is.
You are clearly great at pointing out aspects of films that others don’t see.
So you should be fine with writing an original script, right?
Let your work be criticized for a change.
To Honest Trailers to How It Should Have Ended.
They are all getting old.
At first it was funny, but now it is just annoying.
One or two theories I am okay with, but this is cinema for god’s sake.
If you want to teach philosophy or psychology, become a teacher.
Stop ruining the movies for me.
You guys are becoming like those sports reporters who never enjoy the actual sports they cover.
These people won’t make a movie, though.
And why not?
Because they would rather mock and poke fun at others than make their own content.
Because the truth is, they couldn’t make a better film than the one they are featuring.

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