The Best Part About Bourne Was Never Discussed

I just saw the new Jason Bourne and it was okay.
Before I went, I heard about some decent reviews of the film.
Unfortunately they were right.
It was kind of a waste of a Bourne movie.
My question is how does the film avoid the most interesting content it has to offer?
What is that content, you ask?
Privacy vs security.
Sure the national government can protect us but it also knows everything about us.
Like how you only order ketchup on all of your cheeseburgers.
And that you DVR’ed all of the Gilmore Girls seasons.
And that you have bought some pretty weird things off of Amazon.
They know too much.
But they are only going after the bad guys so that is okay, right?
In the film there are moments where phones are hacked, computers are wired, people are tracked, a bunch of spying is going on, yet no one poses the question as to whether it is right or not.
That woman just broke into the landline of the building like it was nothing and shutdown down the power and I am supposed to be worried about Jason Bourne feeling bad about entering a program to become James Bond?
I mean, what is bad about being Jason Bourne again?
You are a complete badass that even the people in the CIA are like, “Oh boy, this guy is bad news.”
They are afraid of him because he knows too much.
So yeah, you do have to live an isolated life and are no longer allowed to enter America, but nobody’s perfect.
The movie presented a very real and terrifying reality.
We are kind of being watched and are at the disposal of these invisible people who know how to hack into things that we didn’t even know could be hacked into in the first place.
Theoretically, if that is the case, someone who is not me, who did not type up these original words can hack my account from freaking Guam and tell you that Jason Bourne was the greatest movie ever.
Of course it would still seem like I wrote it.
That can’t happen right?
I don’t know.
The movie went over that part way too quickly.
Like it is normal to hack phones and record others conversations which I get it is a action spy movie, but it could have taken a moment to slow down.
Maybe a two minute break for some water.
Everyone in the movie could be a spy and more terrifying, everyone in the movie, wanted to be a spy.
I personally make sure to hack at least three phones a day to keep myself in the loop, but that is just me.
What an opportunity this movie wasted.
They had a secret agent who is dealing with the greatest question posed to civilian information of our time and ….
They don’t talk about it.
No. They would rather talk about Bourne’s past.
Meanwhile the world is being taken over by Big Brother.
But please Jason, go on about how your father died, because that is clearly what matters here.

This movie reminded of that one song that Michael Jackson sings the chorus.

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