Why The Jesus You See In Movies Is Wrong

There is one odd side effect to being the most popular human ever, Hollywood is going to want to use your name.
Whether it is retelling his story or just using his story as an inspiration the story of Jesus Christ is probably the greatest ever told.
You know it and I won’t go into the details of it all.
What is the image of Jesus that is used in movies?
Well, to me, he borders on being a hippie.
Like he would like to just hang around all day and talk peace.
But that is far from the actual man.
Don’t belive me?
They killed him, as soon as they could, but I am led to believe that everyone loved him.
No, the commoners loved him.
The people in power hated him.
And with good reason.
He called them out.
The bankers, the politicians, the fake preachers, he told them that they were wrong in their way and his way was better.
Does that sound like a guy who is about peace?
He said, the first shall be last.
Wait, what?
Everyone that we all love in the public eye who do not give to others will be the last ones allowed in heaven.
That is like looking at the most popular movie star or musician and saying that they will not be allowed in heaven right away.
Another thing that is never talked about with Jesus is his humor.
Was he funny?
Or, you know, someone you would like to be around?
He had to have some personality if he had so many followers.
Next time you see a movie with Jesus you will see a stoic, peaceful man who would harm no one.
But when he was really quite different.
He had a good sense of humor and he challenged the powers of his day.
Imagine if he was around today;
He would go up to the White House and challenge the power of the President stating that the commoners are as important, that you are equal to the President, no man in God’s heaven is greater than any other.
He would go up to the fake missionaries and priests who he feels go away from his teachings.
Yes. He was about peace.
But when you are about peace, you are bound to make some enemies.
He was also kind of a tough guy too when you think about it.
He knew he was being hunted.
He knew he was falsely accused.
And he took the pain that one gets when being crucified.
Like nails in his hands and legs and thorns in his head.
So yeah the dude knew how to take a punch.
Next time you see an image of Jesus, one of a peaceful somber man, know that he was that.
But you don’t become the most beloved human to ever live by just talking about peace.

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