Where’s My Da Vinci Movie?

What does a guy have to do around here to get a Leonardo Da Vinci movie?
He is too old?
Don’t give me that.
They are still making WW2 movies as if people still care, so don’t tell me it is a time period thing.
And don’t tell me he can’t make some sort of story.
The dude is widely recognized as the smartest person ever.
And it isn’t really close.
Yet, do I see any cool movies made about a man who was basically all the people at Apple put into one man?
Film makers don’t even know this guy existed.
From Mona Lisa to The Last Supper.
His notebook.
Him being regarded as one of the first in fields that weren’t even around back then.
This man was “the” Renaissance man.
Come on.
I shouldn’t have to tell you that a move about Da Vinci changing the world would bring at least some intrigue.
We all know his name, but can any of us name things about him?
Like how he made war machines.
Violent deadly machines that were meant to destroy armies.
Luckily these machines were never actually put into production.
Or how he made the first robot!
Or that he wrote backwards!
(Because he was afraid that people would steal his ideas)
Is it me on this one?
Am I the only person who is interested in hearing more from the smartest man to ever walk the earth?
You know what, I will even give them Einstein or Newton or some other genius that I don’t know about.
But can I please start seeing some movies about some men and women who were truly gifted people?
Stop making Steve Jobs films!
Sure he changed the world, but he is not even a remotely interesting character.
And if you are Bill Burr, he didn’t even do that much.

Which reminds me, Tesla should get some love too.
I mean, how lazy are these film makers when they have historical people who are not only fascinating characters but whose life’s work is already well known?
Just take his story and put it on the screen!
But no they want to give me another Transformers movie!
Thanks alot!

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