What’s A Classic Movie Now?

Movies have been around long enough that we are no longer calling movies that were made before any of us were born classic.
Traditionally the classics were considered movies like Citizen Kane or Casablanca.
If you really knew your movies you could mention that movie with the guy who shoots the audience, but that is even taking it way back.
Now if I ask you to name a classic movie, what will you say?
I mean, is The Shawshank Redemption a classic movie now?
Is Pulp Fiction a classic?
I guess.
What is happening in movies is the same thing happening in music.
Movies that were not thought of as classics are becoming classics.
Just like certain music is becoming classic rock.
Sure Led Zeppelin is classic rock, but if you say that Nirvana is too, then you aren’t technically wrong at this point.
They are both classic rock.
Different eras of the same thing.
So Ghostbusters is as much of a classic movie as Gone With The Wind.
They are just from different eras.
But they both deserve that classic stamp for their movie.
When we first talked of classic movies, for some reason no one had the foresight to think that movies can become classics over time.
Just because the movie wasn’t made in the 1940’s doesn’t mean it can’t be called a classic.
Depends on who you are asking.
If you ask someone who was born after the film was made, then yes, the film can be a classic.
I don’t know why we hold the early classics in high regard.
As if they are better films because they came before the newer classics.
It is funny how we can interpret greatness to areas that have no scientific or rationale proof.
Like in sports we say that Micheal Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever.
As if he could play in any era.
But could he?
You can’t really say.
Or compare.
It isn’t fair to him or the guys before him and after him.
Just like it isn’t fair to compare Indiana Jones to The Wizard Of Oz.
They are both the same in that they achieved a level of influence and recognition that most in their field strive to attain.
But as to why they are there is very different.
The status quo is changing since the movies we are mentioning as classics are changing.
Just think about the next time you bring up a classic film.
Although you probably feel you are justified in your reasoning for that film’s placement, there are some who would say that film is not a classic.
Since they only view films from a certain era as classics.
This whole idea can be applied to me as a writer too.
Eventually I will become a classic writer.
Whether my name is fully noticed is another matter altogether.
But over time, yes, believe it or not, my name, as well as others from my generation will be included in the classic writer discussion.
We are of the same cloth of the classics, but of a different era.
Our problem will be no different than any other new great, being accepted by those that appreciated the greatness of the classics first.
For some reason, we feel that because someone does something first, no one can do anything better in the future.

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