Why Do I Always Have To Pee After A Movie?

Am I the only one that has to go to the bathroom every time after a movie?
How does my bladder know that the movie is over?
Are my internal organs really paying attention to the scenes in the movie?
Does my stomach know when Captain America is falling off a cliff?
Does my heart know when the main character’s heart gets broken?
It must be that my organs are following on his quest to avenge his child’s death,
Cause God knows I wasn’t.
What is it about the theater that makes me have to run to go the bathroom?
You know a movie is over by how many people are in the bathroom at one time.
But why?
Is there some sort of thing they are putting in the food?
Is it the lights?
Maybe there is something in the air.
I don’t know.
I heard a while back that there is some sort of frequency of sound that scary movies use because it puts more fear into people.
That frequency produces more of whatever chemical we emit when we are scared.
So maybe that is what is going on with the bathroom scene.
I don’t know.
I am no scientist.
Maybe movie theaters are set at, I can’t believe I am writing this, a bathroom frequency, so when you leave you have to run to the bathroom.
How do they do this?
How would this work?
I have no idea!
But horror films do something like that, so I am not ruling out movie theater intervention.
Could it be that the movie wants you to go to the bathroom after the film?
If so, why?
The movie industry has to know their bathroom habits by now.
They can’t be that oblivious to this happening.
A billion dollar industry doesn’t know where everyone goes right after the event.
They know people go to the bathroom after the movie.
But do people know why they go to the bathroom after the movie?
Or do we even want to know?

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