Box Office Review: What A Way To End Summer

The summer is over and what better way to end summer at the box office then an awful showing from the movies?

Here are the top five movies at the box office, this past week.

1. Don’t Breathe – 15 million – 51 million total – 2nd week
2. Suicide Squad – 10 million – 297 million total – 5th week
3. Kubo And The Two Strings – 6 million – 34 million total – 3rd week
4. Pete’s Dragon – 6 million – 64 million total – 4th week
5. Sausage Party – 5 million – 88 million total – 4th week

What I Got From This List
1. People really hated Suicide Squad.
fans this blog needs movies
I wish I can tell you that I am surprised but I’m not.
I told my buddy that it would fall off since no one was going to see it three or four times.
Honestly, the best part of the movie is the song.

I don’t really know what he is talking about, but it is still a good song.
2. We will get fifteen more of Don’t Breathe movies.
Good for the movie.
It made a good amount of money.
No one was expecting this to be at the top of the box office for two weeks straight.
Was it a bad weekend or did this movie come at the right time?
Either way, now that one is successful we will see more films like this in the near future.
3. I was wrong about Sausage Party.
I still hate Seth Rogen, but I will admit that I was wrong when I was going over the trailer.
Apparently there is a large audience for Family Guy-like rate R animation.
Which is great for me, since I don’t really like that stuff anymore.
Don’t get me wrong, the movie was probably okay, but I just don’t like that style.
You know, since I am not in middle school anymore.

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