Beauty And The Beast Trailer

Have you heard that their is a teaser trailer for Disney’s Beauty And The Beast.
Check it out below:

The film’s description (according to IMDB)

An adaptation of the classic fairy-tale about a monstrous prince and a young woman who fall in love.

I have a few thoughts on it.
not a good thing this blog needs movies
1. No Beast.
I am concerned about them not showing Beast in the trailer.
It means they are leading us on.
Like in Godzilla, we didn’t see the monster until the film came out and then we see it and are disappointed.
They definitely held his face away from us on purpose, but I don’t know if that is a good thing at this moment.
Maybe the official trailer may give us more there.
emma watson this blog needs movies
2. Emma Watson is so great.
This has nothing to do with the movie as much as the fanboy in me and (in others) for Watson.
She is a great actress, really smoking hot and seems to be perfect for the role as Belle.
But wait…
Belle sang in the animated movie.
Which gets me to my next point.
3. Is this a musical?
I don’t know.
There is no way of telling by watching the trailer.
I had to go to the IMDB page to find out.
4. The music will sound great.
Putting the classic soundtrack and composer together for this film may have been the best move by Disney.
Alan Menken created timeless music for the animated film.
I would be surprised if he did nothing yet.
The man is the architect of the Disney Renaissance.
5. What great cinematography.
This movie will look great.
The castle, the candles, the painting.
The whole atmosphere created by the movie is just great.
It is like the original, but gives off a tone that you can tell is also it’s own.
Which I like.
I mean, sure I want to see the original, but I also want this one to stand out on it’s own too.
6. Is that who I think it is?
Is that Ewan McGregor?
He is still acting?
I thought he stopped.
For a few years he was a hot name in acting, then he faded away for reasons I never learned about.
It is good to see him back.
Even though he is just a candle.
The last time I saw him he was yelling at Anakin.

Going Based On The Trailer>:
Yeah. Emma Watson is such a hottie, that I may even go to see this. Plus if the music is great, like the original, then yes, this movie would be worth watching. I am surprised at just how good the movie looks. Then again it is just the teaser trailer.

Reminds Me Of:

Cinderella made by Disney in 2015. It seems to have a similar style.

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