Box Office Review: Sully Soars

The drama about Sully landing a plane in the Husdon River starring Tom Hanks came in first place this weekend.

Here are the top five: (according to Box Office Mojo)

1. Sully – 35 million – first week
2. When The Bough Breaks – 14 million – first week
3. Don’t Breathe – 8 million – 66 million total – third week
4. Suicide Squad – 5 million – 307 million total – sixth week
5. The Wild Life – 3 million – first week

1. Tom Hanks still has a large pull.

His movie about a guy landing a plane made more than the other four combined.
It is safe to say that Tom Hanks is still going strong at the box office.
He has settled into the senior role well.
No longer is he trying to act 40.
He has gray hair and is not afraid to act in roles that show this side of his life.
I am interested to see what Hanks is doing in the future since he is going against the grain for older actors who top the box office.
Most try to stay young.
He is embracing his age.
And the audience doesn’t mind at all.
2. There was no competition.
I saw the trailer for When The Bough Breaks and I told my friend that the one woman (Regina Hall) was known as being a comedic actress.
She was Brenda in the Scary Movie franchise..
My friend didn’t believe me.
Anyway, here is a funny scene from one of those movies.
Cause I will be honest with you, when I saw the trailer for When The Bough Breaks, all I saw was 50 Shades Of Grey with black people.
Man, I hate the original fifty shades, why would I like one with black people?
How the hell did this move get Morris Chestnut?
He is such a better actor than that.

3. Don’t Breathe did okay.
For a movie that got no hype before it’s release, Don’t Breath did pretty well for itself.
A alot of things were bad about this past summer.
This movie’s surprise success is not one of them.
4. What is The Widl Life?
Please tell me that I am not the only one who didn’t even hear about this movie before today?
I thought it was some remake.
It’s not. It is some original movie.
I am not even going to put what it is about here.
That is giving a movie that bad too much credit.

The weekend of the first of September is always a slow time of year for movies. And this year is no different. One reason is because people are off at school and doing other things at this time, and another is the movies themselves. The summer blockbusters are done. And the Academy Award movies haven’t come out yet.
Ten years ago for the weekend of September 8-10, the movies also had an awful showing as this weekend. In fact it was the worst of that year. The Covenant was the best movie with a measly 8 million at the box office.

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