Dirty 30 Trailer

I thought I would review a trailer for a film that is not as popular as the others.
Maybe one that could be a surprise hit.
It is called Dirty 30.

INFO ON FILM (according to IMDB)

When the party is on, it is off the hook! Kate has only a few days to turn her life around before she turns Dirty 30, but with three besties and zero rules, anything is possible!

1. Wow I don’t know one of these women.
That is either really bad on my part or theirs.
I don’t know which.
Who is Mammie Hart?
Or Adam Lustick?
IMDB knows as little about these actors as I do.

Mamrie Hart is an actress and writer, known for Dirty 30 (2016), Camp Takota (2014) and 8th Annual Shorty Awards (2016)

Please don’t ask me about what Camp Takota is.
I am having a hard enough time understanding Dirty 30.
It shouldn’t hurt the film that I don’t know the cast.
In fact, it may make it even better, since I am not going in expecting the one actress to act a certain way.
2. I saw this movie already.
Or at least something that looked like it.
There are a bunch of movies recently about 30 something year old women who want to party like they are still young.
It says as much about that demographic as it does the movie.
According to Hollywood, young moms are not too happy with their lives.
3. I can already tell it has some stupid lesson in it.
Like how they should be happy being their age, or how life is short.
These movies have people do unrealistic partying the whole time and then make up some weak excuse for a lesson.
All that partying teaches them a lesson I guess.

This looks like it will be better than the recent movies on this topic. Does that make it worth seeing? I don’t know. Are you a 30 something year old woman depressed about where she is in life? In that case, this movie is for you? Are they mocking the 30 year old women or laughing with them? I honestly can’t tell.

Bad Moms. It is basically the same movie.

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