Is Ferris Bueller An Imaginary Character?

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Ah, yes.
Ferris Bueller.
The 80’s comedy about a slick student’s successful attempt at skipping school.
We all love this movie, not for it’s practical use, but because of how absurd it is.
The kid skips school, gets his best friend and hot girlfriend too also, and then he steals his friend’s dad’s expensive car and causes chaos in the city.
Sounds like something that can really happen?
Of course not.
We accept that this is just a ride and we are supposed to just enjoy it.
What helps us is the charm of the title character.
He is very easy to root for with his honest takes and good looks.
But doesn’t it all seem too good to be true?
Like it was all setup?
If it was a sports game we would be calling out, “FIXED! FIXED!”
Like Ferris could do no wrong.
He doesn’t get caught.
He doesn’t get in trouble.
He never gets what is coming to him.
Cause let’s face it, he is kind of a punk high school kid.
Has a answer for everything, can outsmart the teachers.
He is kind a disturbance.
But when does he lose?
When does he get caught?
In fact, you are actually expecting him to win just about every time anyway.
Not only that but the principal gets his at the end too.
Are we expected to believe that Ferris is just that good?
Good enough to make t-shirts of a cause for his death before he is even off?
That is impressive.
But what if Ferris wasn’t real?
In fact, none of it was.
What if Ferris Bueller was just a character playing in the mind of his friend, Cameron?
Do you remember that scene where Cameron confronts Ferris about the car?
How he will handle the backlash.
The whole scene seems out of place.
Like, now you are worried about taking the blame for this.
They took the car around the city and only then he is man enough to say it’s on him?
It was like the scene was written with only Cameron in mind, and Ferris’s presence is an afterthought.
And remember that look on Ferris’s face when Cameron tells him about it.
He is shocked.
How could he object to Ferris’s plan?
He is Ferris afterall.
Just take a moment to check out the one scene from Ferris Bueller and the other from Fight Club.
The Fight Club scene is the reveal that the main character was just imagining that his friend was alive.

All of a sudden, Ferris is looking alot more like Tyler Durden than a real person.
He is who Cameron wants to be.
He is what Cameron imagines his perfect day off from school would look like.
Maybe that scene with Cameron going berserk isn’t to be taken literal.
It is just a metaphor for him realizing that he can’t stay in his dream all day.
He can’t just skip school.
He needs to grow up.
Who is the only character in the movie that talks to the camera?
Oh right, Ferris.
Yeah, he isn’t talking into the camera.
There is no documentary being made.
He is Cameron’s mind telling him what is exactly going on.
What seems more probable?
That Ferris Bueller is really that cunning, that he planned the perfect day off for him and his two friends?
Or that the one friend in the group who is facing family issues dreams it all up while being in bed all day?

In the beginning of the film, where do we meet Cameron?
In bed, where he is sick.
And who is the one telling us about him?
Yeah, because that is just Cameron’s own mind telling himself the truth that he doesn’t want to see.

How does it even end?
Ferris tells you to go home.
Because he isn’t really talking to you, the viewer.
He is just talking to Cameron.
Telling Cameron to wake up and go home.
Ferris is no longer needed for Cameron to move on.

tyler durden this blog needs movies
Also who is Ferris’s sister in all of this?
Cameron’s unspoken voice.
The part of him that did grow up and accept that he can’t stay in bed forever.
She knows that Ferris is wrong in what he is doing, even though everyone else thinks otherwise. (Well besides the principal)
Not surprisingly this character is at odds with Ferris.

Being that this film is very silly and outrageous, you have to ask yourself;
Is it that way because the writer’s of it wanted it to be?
Or were they trying to write about something else altogether?

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