Sometimes I Wouldn’t Mind To See The Aliens Win

toothbrush this blog needs movies

You know the story line.
Aliens arrive and are angry.
Why are they mad at us?
Who knows?
Maybe they want resources.
Maybe they view us as a subpar species.
Or maybe they are just cranky.
Whatever the case, these ugly creatures want blood.
And they are staring at humanity.
They are smarter than us and know things about the universe that our sci-fi writers haven’t gotten to yet.
Better equipped since there guns are something that belongs in a video game more than real life.
Have a better strategy for taking over another planet than we do.
We are in chaos, and confused as fear and excitement sweep the globe.
It is great to finally meet aliens, but not so great that they want us destroyed.
Talk about irony.
There is fighting among us as our leaders can’t decide how to stop these diabolic things.
Yet, what still happens?
We win.
Somehow we beat the mean odd aliens who want to take our planet.
Sound familiar?
It should.
Since it is basically every alien invasion movie ever.
After all that alien preparation and in house fighting on our part, we win.
Yeah. Take that aliens.
That is what you get for messing with humans.

Or is it, that is what we get for paying to see a movie about the survival of our own species?
For once, I want to see a movie where the aliens win.
They blow up Earth, get their resources, or whatever they wanted and leave.
Just once.
Because these movies are becoming so similar that I kind of expect us to win at some point.
What are we down to one last bullet only to be shot by a person who never shot a gun in their life, while that person is blindfolded?
No big deal.
We got this.
And we win.
Yeah, because that is what always happens in these films.
Well a few reasons.
1. They don’t want to let you down.
Yes, I get that humanity winning is a better feel good story than us losing.
So does Hollywood.
That is why they won’t make an alien invasion movie with us losing.
What’s the point?
For people to hate Hollywood?
Just why would they risk such a movie idea in the first place?
2. No chance for more profit.
Just how the hell are you supposed to sell a franchise with the main human characters all dead at the end?
cause I will tell you one thing;
No one is buying any collectibles of the aliens that blew up the planet.
The bad guys win.
The aliens that we hate are the victors
What an awful way to capitalize on the commercial aspects of films.

alien this blog needs movies

So next time you are in the theater and are watching us take on those pesky aliens, have no fear.
We’ll win.
No matter how realistic the movie wants to present itself.
It is still a movie.
So creating enjoyment out of you is their top priority.
And blowing up Earth may not be the best way to do that.
I’m not sure how many audience members will appreciate the risky writing approach, as much as be pissed that they paid for the piece of crap.

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