The Part That Everyone Missed In The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is about a young woman living in a dystopian future who survives the gladiator like fighting arena she is chosen to participate in.
It was the film that made Jennifer Lawrence famous.
There is a part to it that I feel people make have not caught.
The double entendre in the film’s most famous phrase.
May the odds be ever in your favor
It is about Katniss right?
Hopefully she wins the event and doesn’t get killed.
Granted that would make for a great twist, it would ruin the rest of the franchise.
The remark made by the host Effie Trinket is made as kind of a slogan of the event to the players.
A good old pat on the back to the player.
I’m rooting for you
You can do it.
I hope you win.

Or at least, that is how we all perceived it.
I know I did at first.
We are so caught up with Katniss volunteering as tribute that we miss another way of viewing the phrase.
It can be interpreted as a gesture to the people who have money in the event.
Not the players.
Remember that we learn that the whole thing is a gambling event.
The rich people put money towards certain players they would like to win.
The odds are not for the players survival.
It’s for the gamblers winnings.
The host Effie Trinket even says beforehand, “Happy Hunger Games”
Who is happy?
Happy Gilmore?
No, wait, wrong post.
Katniss got dragged into the mess because her sister was too young to compete.
And Peta is just upset he has to go into battle.
Why is she presenting it as if it is a time to celebrate?
Because it is.
Well, sort of.
For the gamblers, or donors (that is what they are called in the film) there is no need to be afraid or angry or shocked.
None of them are going to die.
Katniss and Peta are.
Plus remember how the event is staged.
How it is more like a TV show than a stage for Katniss to stand up for herself.
All the viewers don’t see it like we do.
They don’t care that Katniss’s sister got picked.
If anything the odds changed because of Katniss’s act to enter.
The donors aren’t sad for Peta.
They view this like the beginning of the picks.
Like a Selection Show where the teams for the bracket are picked.
As if the whole thing is mean to be reviewed and analyzed.
Later on in the film we are shown they have shows dedicated to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.
Never do they think wrongly of the event.
Because to them, they are pulling for the district they put money towards.
Since they want the odds to be in their favor.
Not the players.

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