Are Pratt And Lawrence that big of stars?

In the near future Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are going to be co-starring in the film Passengers.
Now I don’t necessarily care about the film’s plot.
But rather on how they are promoting it.
This is the first time in my opinion that Pratt and Lawrence are asked to be a draw to a movie.
To be the reason that people go to see the film.
That is another level of acting.
Sure there are plenty of fine actors out there.
But not many can be good enough to have people see the movie.
Even if it is good or bad.
Those actors can be in anything and people will line up.
That is Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington type of draw.
So far both of them have been successful at the box office but I don’t attribute that to their star power.
Lawrence was apart of the Hunger Games and X-Men franchises and Pratt was in Jurassic Park and Guardians Of The Galaxy.
None of which were made with them being the stars in mind.
They were there for the film’s glory, but no one went to the film for them.
I’d go as far to say that they could have been replaced with another actor or actress and the audience may not have minded all that much.
So this movie Passengers is a big movie in Hollywood.
If it is a big draw then Lawrence and Pratt can both star making movies being the solo acts.
They won’t have to be apart of stories that have built-in audiences.
They can start making more variety since they will know they that people will see them.
Although they will still have those who will point out that they did it together in this film, but nevertheless.
If it isn’t a big draw then Lawrence and Pratt will probably stick to safe blockbuster movies.
Movies where they are apart of a story that people want to see.
Pratt will be in more Guardians and Lawrence will be in more X-Men.
Since if this films is a failure they prove they are not capable of pulling in an audience without some help.
What will it be?
I don’t know.
But this movie’s success can have large ramifications on the industry.
If it is good, then Hollywood may have found two gems.
If not, then Hollywood have two audience favorites that people like only when they like the story beforehand.
We’ll see.

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