Am I The Only One Who Thinks Of This?

previews this blog needs movies

The whole movie theater has turned black, and the previews are about to begin.
What, does your ticket say that the movie is at 5:30?
Yeah, that means that the actual movie will be at 5:45.
Have you never heard of previews?
Each movie gives time to other upcoming movies so that those movies can peak your interest, normally relating to the movie you are seeing.
If the movie is an PG animation, then you will probably see previews for PG animations.
rated r this blog needs movies
Before you are to get bombarded with trailers to movies that you don’t want to see, you will be informed of the movie theater protocol.
What is to be expected of you as a viewer of the movie.
In case it is the first time and you have ever gone to one.
They tell you how you should not talk, or be on your phones, and that you should throw out your trash after the movie is over.
Those cups don’t throw out themselves.
I normally follow one of those rules depending on the movie.
And last but not least, where the exits are located and to walk not run to the nearest exit, in case there is an emergency.
Like someone decides to shoot up the place, or the whole theater catches on fire.
Apparently the exit you entered is not the only way out.
And you think to yourself that you will probably not walk if there is an emergency.
If you have to get out of the theater in a timely manner, you will not walk just to stay with the rules given to you by a screen.
You’ll run.
Heck you may even run over some kids and handicapped just to get out of there.
You won’t ever need to run to the exit anyway.
No one is ever going to shoot up this movie theater.
I mean, why would they?
And if they did and you didn’t make it to the exit, you’ll be fine hiding, behind the cushion chairs in the theater.
You then realize that you are in trouble if anything happens in this theater during the movie.
The only question you have left to answer is; what’s worse, having to be stuck as a hostage in a movie theater because of a gunman, or having to sit through the six previews you weren’t planning on seeing.
Next time you will just get the movie off of Netflix.
At least then you won’t have any commercials.

popcorn this blog needs movies

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