Does Product Placement Hurt A Movie?

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Movies have become sort of like long commercials for some of these big companies that pay to get their product seen by the viewer.
It may not seem worth it for a company to spend possibly millions to get some screen-time.
But think of it like this;
If that movie is a big success, if that movie is a blockbuster and makes hundreds of millions of dollars then that is thousands of people who saw the product being used in a situation.
And you know it won’t be a bad one either.
Iron Man will be drinking a Pepsi as he punches a bad guy.
The product won’t be the reason that Batman loses a fight, or maybe he can use a sponsored gadget to show the audience how smart he is. (or isn’t)
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Does this actually hurt the movie?
Well, I can tell you right now that if I had to include product placements in between these words then this post would not be as easy to read.
And as you are reading this make sure to check out a product that I think you need. Here is a link here, here, here and here. Click on it today while supplies last. (We have plenty of them)
That is what I would have to put in this blog every two lines if there was a product placement here.
Sure there is an ad, but that is at the bottom and I ignore that as much as I can.
Sometimes I slide the screen down just far enough so I don’t even see the ad.
I can safely tell you that I have never written a story and thought, “Boy I wonder how I can get a Pepsi promotion in here?”
It isn’t natural to the story.

I remember hearing when Jurassic World came out that people thought it was just a car commercial the whole time, since they made sure to feature the car whenever they could.
It did nothing for the story, and even worse, the audience noticed it was a product placement.
Creativity is swept away for commercial aspects with product placements in movies because instead of using those five minutes for experimental parts, the director has to add a few promotional products in the film.
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Just because we know that the products are there doesn’t mean we like it.
Is there anything good that can come from advertising in movies?
Besides the monetary appeal.
I can’t think of anything.
Even something as simple as having three characters sitting at a table talking all drinking Dr. Pepper takes away from the story.
Those characters can show their styles by what they drink.
Certainly you can give the audience some hint on what they are like by their beverage.
The guy who drinks water with every meal won’t look at life the same as the guy who drinks whiskey.
But we don’t get that as fans, since we are stuck with them all drinking Dr. Pepper.
That is obviously a minor thing, but are we not in a time when easter eggs are all the rage?
How Captain America’s shield was in the snow, or The Flash shows up without saying his name.
And yet none of us complain about the product placements.
Each major film puts as much time into their product placements as much as their stories.
And as a fan of movies, I am not too happy about that.
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