What The Hell Is La La Land?

It is awards season and all the tv personalities, radio personalities, just about any personality that you can think of, is going to report on the movies that are being nominated.
None of these news programs must realize that they are getting the same award nominations list as everyone else.
They will talk about the nominations for the awards show.
One that you may watch.
I find the shows as a great source for my entertainment, but not because I actually watch them.
Movies that captured our imagination will be discussed like La La Land.
Which is apparently a movie.
And it’s out.
And it is winning a bunch of awards.
No, I am not joing about this.
A musical starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is the movie that is getting all the buzz.
It must be a comedy.
I guess the joke is that they can’t sing.
easy a this blog needs movies
I remember turning on multiple stations this past week and all anyone was talking about was how this film is nominated so many times for one hundred different categories.
Like I keep track of the categories.
As if I have a pool going on for the movies.
pool this blog needs movies
Then the radio host or idiot, (then again I just repeated myself) talk about how great the movie is, how I need to see it.
Even when they were reporting that Meryl Streep speech, everyone acted like they all saw the movie.
(And no I still haven’t seen the Meryl Streep speech, because I really don’t care about these award shows, just not enough to not write about them)
They causally mentioned that La La Land was nominated for basically everything.
Heck they may have even made up a few categories for the film, since that is how innovative it is.
Because it was this great blockbuster.
But I am no fool.
They are not tricking me.
This movie is the critic’s way of feeling good about how they view films.
They pick an indie type film that no one sees so they can point at it and tell all of us dumb viewers why it is so good.

Oh my god. This movie is such a Hollywood movie that it makes me…
I don’t know.
Should I laugh or cry at this?
On one hand I am amused by the pathetic outlook Hollywood has of itself.
Like these actors and actresses are struggling so much to make it in a world where they don’t belong, but they have a voice and blah blah blah.
Who cares?
All you are doing is repeating words someone else wrote.
But of course, this is a Hollywood movie about Hollywood so they will make it seem like they are on some great discovery.
Like there is some greater purpose in their words.
columbus this blog needs movies
I could be upset about this, I guess.
Since this happens every year.
A few years ago there was that silent film that won Best Picture.
The guy didn’t even speak and it won Best Picture!
I just love how everyone is acting like this movie is something we all know about.
Like it is just so popular.
But that’s Hollywood for you, they kind of think they are the center of the world.
Maybe they should get on a boat every once and a while see the rest of the world.
coal mining this blog needs movies

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