What If The Matrix Has Nothing To Do With Robots?

Sci-fi is a genre that is very unique in that it can use imagination to create worlds that are nothing like our own.
You can make the rules.
You can set the standards for what is normal in that world.
When people act differently in a sci-fi story, you can have a reason for it, instead of looking like a moron who forgot about something in our world.
This is why sci-fi fans should know that every story has two things going on in it.
The actual story and the hidden plot.
Anyone who has ever seen The Twilight Zone knows what I am talking about.
Instead of making a episode with communists in it, you make an episode with the town as a metaphor for communists.
Authors like HG Wells wrote of their critique of the world through sci-fi.
animal this blog needs movies
I know animal people don’t exist.
I know that aliens have never invaded the world.
But that is not the point to the story.
The author was trying to tell you his/her opinion on a crisis going on now while they show you the future.
With all that being said, The Matrix, like any film or book in sci-fi gets this treatment as well.
We all believe it has to do with the uprising of the computers, how humanity got taken over by robots.
This theory is all well and good, but it goes against what I said sci-fis do.
They don’t use the future, or an alternate world to talk about the future.
They use the future to talk about the present.
The claim that The Matrix is about some robot war is missing this very idea.
So what is The Matrix about then?
What is the director’s critique of the world?
I think the film’s message has to do with the power struggle of the majority with no control over the minority with the control, and how the minority try to distract us from what is really going on.
I look at it like this; if you replace the robots with a corrupt business or government, and the world looks like ours.
This is actually very similar to what I said about Charles Dickens and Scrooge.
I don’t think it is a coincidence that Mr. Smith looks like a man in black.
man in black this blog needs movies
They are not the good guys.
They repress the ones who want to know the truth of the world and “work” for The Matrix, which gets to the next question,
What is The Matrix in our own world?
Does it really have to do with our own sense of reality?
Is it really all about philosophy and illusion?
It could be, but without taking that into consideration, you see that The Matrix is, for the lack of the better word, the powers that be.
The Illuminati, the Evil Empire, Big Brother, whoever you want that example to be.
They all serve the same purpose as trying to hold back the truth from the public.
And what is the truth?
It’s that they want to take over.
people this blog needs movies
The Matrix is really everything.
That is not a metaphor.
It is literally everything around you in the real world,
From the reports on wiretapping, to spies, to phones being listened to, presenting a bad guy like The Matrix as everywhere, makes it seem like Big Brother, more than a simulation.
They are everyone and no one, yeah because they have all the power.
I’m surprised he didn’t go into how they have all the oil, food and technology too, since that would have fit right in.
Also, let’s look at the Architect, the creator of The Matrix, he is the leader of the corrupt group, and he explains just what it is he is doing.
Although it is confusing, what he is explaining is how he tricked people into believing him, but couldn’t figure out how to stop that small percentage of people who didn’t believe him.
Those who didn’t want to deal with it.
The rebels, the punks, the outcasts; he didn’t have a solution for these individuals.
He didn’t know how to control them, because of choice.
There will always be one person who chooses to go left, despite everyone else going right, and The Architect didn’t know how to solve this.
The best he could do was confront The One, and then start again.
Notice how he is meant to look like a god-like figure in the scene.
What God do you know that has TVs everywhere and has a problem with his “people” wanting free will?
He comes across as some sort of false God, which would make sense if he is the leader of this group that controls everything.

Another aspect I would like to get into is virtual reality.
Now that we are getting closer and closer to it everyday, the robots in The Matrix, don’t come across as the intended bad guys.
It seems that we should be noticing how the ones in charge control the information and everything else and they choose how you live and there is nothing you can do about it.
virtual reality this blog needs movies
The film isn’t about robots or philosophy.
It is criticism of the distribution of power and information in our world using philosophical aspects and sunglasses.
(which gets me thinking that the sunglasses probably represent something, but I can’t figure out what)
Probably something related to that man in black idea I mentioned earlier.
sunglasses this blog needs movies

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