When Are Plot Twists Too Much?

We have all watched a movie and by the end of it when we are walking out of the theater we are left scratching our heads at what we just saw.
Was that supposed to be a twist?
Did the director mess up and forget to include a scene or two?
Were they trying to make sense of it all, or confuse the hell out of you?

twist this blog needs movies
You can’t tell.
Movies do this all the time.
There are some like Fightclub and The Usual Suspects whose fame is heavily relied on their twists.
Without the twist, the movie is okay.
The framework of the film was centered around the twist, almost as if the writer of the story came up with it first and then filled in the rest.
So my question is; Have we had enough of the twist in movies?
How many more times will there be a big reveal that isn’t very revealing?
Writers of these movies have to understand that a twist only works if you can keep the audience’s interest.
If the people don’t care about a character or event in the movie, then they won’t be surprised that the bad guy was Orson Welles or that the whole thing was a dream.
orson welles this blog needs movies
They may have left the movie by then, either literally or figuratively.
As you know I almost left a movie recently.
Can’t a movie have no twist and still be watchable?
Why are all these movies trying to be so sophisticated?
It’s entertainment, just make sure the audience likes what they see.
And it doesn’t stop at twist endings.
movies this blog needs movies
Sometimes movies start to have metaphors and hidden meanings, that take away from the film.
Now, if you can write a great script, give it five different interpretations, some philosophical banter, and still get an audience, then more power to you.
But most writers can’t.
I am really tired of seeing the movies trying to pull a twist when I would have been fine with a plain normal ending.
Now we also add fuel to the fire.
The screenwriters feel compelled to write a great twist, since we all fell over when we saw the other one.
I feel like ever since Inception this has taken place.
Films are trying to one up each other in plot twists.
Oh your character realizes he is in a dream, well my character realizes he is in a dream within a dream.
Oh your character finds out his friend is the bad guy, well my character find s out that his best friend for his whole life is the bad guy and is trying to take over the world through zombie inventions.

It’s too much for me sometimes.
inception this blog needs movies

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