My Take On Dear White People

Netflix is releasing a new series titled, Dear White People, and it has gotten people talking, to say the least.
All the white viewers who saw the trailer were pissed at the negative image they were given, some went as far to claim the very show is a conspiracy against white people.
Black people were talking about the irony behind the white people getting upset at something that is blatantly racist.
Like, damn you guys get one bad image in a show on Netflix and start losing it.
Observant people were wondering just how the audience of the radio show that the character is on knows that she is black, since it is a radio show.
Last time I checked local radio shows don’t have the money to go on TV.
Dear White People was made with the intent to get you talking and it has.
This blog post is evidence to the success that the marketing campaign has done so far.

The joke about her not being an acceptable Halloween costume only makes sense in the visual medium of Netflix.
If I was a character on the show listening to the radio show and the host says, “I’m not an acceptable Halloween costume”, I’d have no idea what she was saying.
Also I don’t like Halloween, so I really don’t care what you wear.
I wrote about that in my last book.
How is that for a cheap plug?
joke this blog needs movies
Is this genius?
Is this racist?
What is this show about anyway?
Well, I learned that I am much more of a writer than I realized from watching this.
Every other white person who watched this called it racist.
I saw a risque choice made by the show, one that they knew would cause controversy.
That’s tough to do.
They knew they would start fights.
Have you ever seen how Dave Chappelle reaction to Kramer’s freak out?
That is how I felt like when watching the Dear White People trailer.
I am 80% writer, 20% white.

I even said to someone that the writers of the show must think it is going to be great, if they are willing to deal with that much criticism before it is even released.
You can have a character in a show represent white people in a negative way, but if you have all white people be represented as bad, then you shouldn’t expect any white people to watch the actual show.
Heck you can have a character be fake.
Or even talk about God.
But you better watch where you go with it.
Making a show that is blatantly demonizing white people, and I mean demonizing not mocking, is like me saying that people who read blogs are stupid.
Sure, I can say it, but it will be tough to keep the audience if you insult them.
dear this blog needs movies
Also the trailer was kind of bad.
Meaning I don’t know anything about the show after watching it.
Other than the woman speaking, who I assume is the main character, has a thing against white people.
She will address some racial issues she has with them.
I guess through her radio show?
This trailer was made to ignite the racial flames that we are all aware that the corporate media likes to exploit.
Black vs. White.
White people hate black people.
Black people don’t like white people.
And the other ethnic groups are left wondering where they are in all of this.
I am not going to watch this show, but not because of the controversy, but because I only go to Netflix to watch shows I know that I like and have seen before.
sunny this blog needs movies
As Netflix continues to grow and make more original shows, we will see more marketing like this show.
Trailers that are supposed to make you gasp or be outraged.
Because the shows have no audience going in.
There is nobody going to Netflix just to watch Dear White People, so they had to make a controversial trailer to get the eyes on the screen.
Whether that works in the long haul, we’ll see.

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