What Rioters Can Learn From Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden is one of the most iconic antagonists in film history.
He is apart of one of the most well-known twists of all time.
Has one of the most famous movie lines ever.
rule this blog needs movies
And is one of Brad Pitt’s signature roles.
The character is also the poster boy for those who prefer to look up to the bad guy, the rebel who makes sense, because society is wrong and corrupt and needs to change.
Compared to a guy, like Jesus.
At first when you meet the character, his charm and anti-capitalist philosophy does strike a chord with you.
Similar to that of what you would hear in Network.

You don’t necessarily agree with him, but he does make a point.
He isn’t completely full of shit.
Any man who can say that all this world that we live in is completely okay and fine and there is nothing to worry about is probably mad.
For of course, you know that there is wrong in the world, too much hate, not enough love.
Too many weapons, too much money, not enough food and shelter.
You are not a complete idiot.
You don’t need to be told of the awful unsettling things that can place on this globe we call Earth.
But when do you ever see someone say it?
When do you ever hear of someone seeking the truth in this world?
Despite how ugly it may be.
Socrates? And that guy is not getting a movie anytime soon.
This person not only sees the truth, but knows of a way to make it better;
Than this, this, yes, all of this, we live and see and hear.
All that our senses know, is a lie.
Somehow this figure understands the way to a new life.
Enter Tyler Durden.

A man like Tyler Durden makes sense because he is saying something that every one else has thought but no one wants to say.
His observations make you trust him and his intentions and that is your biggest mistake.
Because you go from fighting men in a basement to release some testosterone, to becoming terrorists who blow up buildings pretty fast.
All of a sudden the innocence is gone, and has been replaced with uncontrolled vengeance.
It all goes from a social club to a cult faster than a commercial break.
gym this blog needs movies
The part of playing the victim is reverse.
No longer can you claim that the world is wrong as you wrong the world.
Tylder Durden became the corruption he was trying to destroy once he threw out reason for unneeded violence.
Kind of like Anakin Skywalker, now that I think of it.

The banking system is full of people who abuse their power and place but enforcing his stance via violence doesn’t make Tyler Durden any better.
You could even claim he is even more dangerous.
bank this blog needs movies
Recently on the news I have heard a lot about those who are angry with the world, and who often feel justified in their position.
These people fall victim to the very thing we see in the movie with Tyler Durden’s character.
At first, they speak of change, of removing those in power, how it is their right to seek justice, but then they act on it with violence.
Destroying buildings, burning cars, hurting others, and for what?
To prove the point that was supposed to be about their righteousness against the manipulative powers.
They say that is what they are doing and are convinced even as the flames go high into the air and the bombs go off, that they are still the innocent victims that they were earlier.
slippery slope this blog needs movies
Just as Tyler Durden did.
He had to blow up the banks to make them know they are wrong.
It was the only way.
Just as the rioter felt it was right to break into that building.
It was the only way.
So next time you see some news report about a violent riot, instead of agreeing with the rioters because of their own claim that they are correct, ask if they are only saying that because they don’t see the situation clearly.
Tyler Durden never thought that he was the bad guy, even though at one point in the film it was pretty obvious that he was as crazy as the bad guys he was trying to rid.

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