Dakota Johnson Is Not Hot Enough To Be In Fifty Shades


I kind of feel bad writing this.
First, I say that I only know her from that sex movie, now I say she is not hot enough to be in it.
The poor girl can’t catch a break with me.
I am going on the premise that the movie franchise Fifty Shades Of Grey is relying on the sexual aspect of the film in order for it to sell.
No one is going to see the great story with well developed plot and interesting dialogue, or to see two great established actors that can really control a scene.
So with that I expect there to be some sort of sexual attraction to the main female role.
It makes sense.
I don’t sound too bad here?
To be fair, I will say the same for the man actor, but I don’t know his name and when seeing this movie I don’t really care about what he has to say.
Why didn’t they choose someone with instant sex appeal?
And you know what I am talking about.
That Megan Fox and Scarlett Johanson appeal.
When she talks we get distracted because of her hotness.
This movie wants me to believe that a guy as powerful as Christian Grey would settle for just a hot woman.
No, he’d probably get the hottest woman out there.
Which, sorry to Dakota Johnson, is not her.
sex icons this blog needs movies
This woman is so below that steamy level of hotness that makes all of us turn twice, that they have to make the film even more hardcore than before.
If she was hotter, then her looking sexy in the elevator or at the ball, should get our attention, but it never does.
And everyone is calling that the movies are not pornographic enough!
First off, can we all just take a moment to realize what that means?
You are saying that a major motion picture does not have enough sex scenes.
That it is not dirty enough for you.
And it is not that the movie lacks sex scenes, the main actress in it, the one who all men are supposed to be attracted to, is not that hot.
Regardless of the sex scenes, or lost panties, or blindfolds.
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If you don’t think the woman is really hot before that steamy sex scene, then when the viewer gets there, you won’t find her that attractive no matter how x-rated they make it.
Some of the hottest moments in film history is when the woman isn’t even having sex, or thinking about it.
She is sexualized.
Think of that scene from Transformers or that scene in that Jessica Biel film with Adam Sandler where she is changing.
Those women weren’t even naked or doing anything sexual, but they made it sexual.
They made us as viewers get, for the lack of the better word, turned on.
No one complained that those scenes weren’t hot enough.
Probably because we weren’t expecting it so much, but still, sex icons don’t need whips and chains to look sexy.
Unfortunately, the woman in the movie about sex is not that sexy at all.
megan fox this blog needs movies

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One thought on “Dakota Johnson Is Not Hot Enough To Be In Fifty Shades

  1. I agree that they should not have chosen Dakota to act like Anastasia but I can not imagine Megan Fox or Scarlet Johansson in that role. If you read at least the first book you would have noticed how the author describes Ana as a normal girl, pretty but not a sex symbol and precisely Christian did not fall in love with Ana for how sexy she is. They describe her as an innocent girl with a bit of mischief, I imagine Anne Hathaway more like Ana. She has an innocent face but at the same time can become very sexy but it is not a sex symbol at first sight and every hormone is Proclaiming sex like Megan Fox.


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