What Ever Happened To That Guy Who Knew Batman’s Identity?

When you bring up The Dark Knight many people talk about Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker, that awful computer generated Batman voice, or its overall quality as a movie.
It was one of the few superhero movies that was actually a classic movie also.
You don’t see many of those.
Sure, there are a bunch of superhero movies, but not too many of them are in the category of one of the best movies of that decade.
You probably know the plot in The Dark Knight of how Batman has to get The Joker.
At first what seems to be another criminal Batman has to deal with, The Joker, through terrorism, bombs and a pencil, quickly escalates into becoming Batman’s number one target.
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During the movie we are given an interesting subplot to the character, Coleman Reese.
Which I will be honest with you, when I saw the movie I didn’t even catch his name, since he is in it for like five minutes.
The wikipedia page only says this about the character.

Coleman Reese

Joshua Harto plays Coleman Reese, an M&A law accountant at Wayne Enterprises who deduces Bruce’s persona of Batman from Fox and plans to reveal it to Gotham.

His involvement in the story is very limited in screen time, yet plays a major part in advancing the story.

Coleman Reese, an accountant at Wayne Enterprises, deduces that Bruce is Batman and tries to go public with the information. After observing the unpredictability of the Joker, Maroni informs the Joker’s location to Commissioner Gordon. The Joker sets fire to the mob’s money, burning Lau alive in the process, and kills the Chechen. Not wanting Reese’s revelation to interfere with his plans, the Joker threatens to destroy a hospital unless someone kills Reese. Gordon orders the evacuation of all the hospitals in Gotham and goes to secure Reese.

batman this blog needs movies
And then we never hear of this guy in the rest of the film franchise.
He uncovers that Bruce Wayne is Batman.
He is the only person in the franchise that actually does such a thing.
But what happens after this?
Not much.
The Joker threatens to kill him.
And then we never hear of him again.
Then in the next movie, years go by without Batman, yet this guy didn’t tell anyone of his discovery?
Never did it occur to him that he knows the identity of the most wanted vigilante in Gotham and that maybe someone would want to know about it.
But there is a reason why he is a one-off character in the franchise.
joker this blog needs movies
That is how Nolan movies are written.
They are built around the main character, everything else is just for filler.
Did we get the scene of Mr. Reese discovering the evidence?
Or did we see him do anything further with it?
No, because that is not why he was written in to begin with.
He was there because they already had The Joker wanting to see Batman’s identity, but no civilian knew of it.
Reese’s appearance covers those who would question why no character in the film knows Bruce Wayne is Batman and Mr. Reese pushes The Joker to hurry with his plan before it is revealed that what Bruce Wayne is really doing during the night.
You can’t have a main character in the franchise know of Batman, so they gave this guy the role of being the only character, who figured that out.
Why can’t you? Because it takes away from the mystery for the audience.
It is not as interesting if Gordon and every other cop learn that Bruce Wayne is Batman.
Once Reese serves his purpose he is put away.
Not to be developed or explored further.
Since his character was not there for that anyway.
The movie instead gets back to The Joker and Batman conflict.
fox this blog needs movies
Take other Nolan movies and you will see this trend of the development of only one character.
Memento, Inception, Batman(obviously)
Each had one character who we followed, who we rooted for the whole time.
The other characters were developed just enough to help us better understand the main character.
But for this movie franchise to forget about a character that knows something so vital, so important to the story is just lazy.
How can they do that?
And more importantly, why didn’t I notice this when I was watching it?

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