The Irony Behind The Creation Of Superman

the Man of Steel,
the first superhero,
Protecting truth, justice and the American way,
that other guy in that Batman movie,
faster than a speeding bullet,
Is it a bird, is it a plane?
Member of the Justice League,
Possible Anti-Christ.
Sorry, that last one is just me.
Superman is as iconic of a figure that America has ever produced.
He gets put next to George Washington and Abe Lincoln as heroes of the country.
We look up to him because he stands for what we believe in.
We like George Washington for not only his courage to lead the young nation against a much stronger Britain, but because of his selflessness for not trying to be a dictator afterwards.
He put America before himself.
Rather than rule, he let the government be the priority, not his personal agenda.
george this blog needs movies
We admire Abe Lincoln because in this country’s darkest times, when brothers fought against each other, when this nation was to be torn apart, he somehow managed to pull us through and help all of us, correcting a wrong that the Founding Fathers left behind.
Superman can be viewed as a savior to humanity in many ways.
As some sort of god-like figure, similar to that of other Hercules.
He is the greatest superhero, the nicest, the best, the strongest, the fastest, there is nothing that is an obstacle for this guy, if he even is one at that point.
He may even remind some of a certain Christian figure that died on the cross, Jesus Christ.
Both are sent from other places to help us.
Both do.
And both perform what are considered miracles, or at the very least non-human tasks.
Unless you know how to cure a leper and can jump buildings in a single leap.
To say that Superman is the modern American interpretation of Jesus Christ is not that far off.
He is Jesus Christ with a little bit more coolness.
Instead of converting water into wine and making fish, he punches through walls and beats up the bad guys.
He isn’t just walking around helping people, he flies.
There is a bit of irony behind the very creation of the America superhero.
You would think that a Catholic priest came up with him as a tribute to Jesus, as a way to tell the youth about Christ but in a different format.
Perhaps the priest made a story for the young school boys one day and accidentally left it out on his desk, one boy read the tale of this Superman and asked the Father if he would be writing more of these.
And the history of Superman is born.
cross this blog needs movies
As great of a story as that one is, surpisingly you would be wrong if you thought it was fact..
The men who created Superman were, get this, Jewish.
That’s right.
The men who came up with the idea for the superhero that we all think is most like Jesus Christ were of the religion that don’t think much of Jesus Christ.
In fact, Jews are even told that Jesus Christ was the liar, that he was full of it, because after a meeting rabbis had, Jesus decided to leave the religion and went against them all by performing the miracles that they learned in the meeting.
I’m not kidding.
That is what they really think of him.
All that dying for us, why have you forsaken you, the last supper, walking on water, Judas, the crucifixion, everything.
Jews think he was the one that was fake.
Yet they helped create a character that is symbol of hope and freedom, that we all love to watch in movies, read in comics because of his noble character and that he has come to represent for us, the same virtues that Jesus Christ had.
Talk about irony.

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