The Real Mistake Of The Oscars

Our society gives awards to men and women who able capable of articulating words and phrases from a script in front of a camera after being dosed in makeup and changing their accent.
This accolade is highly sought after, that many in the field wish to have.
It can be defined as a “I made it” moment.
You weren’t wasting your time reading those lines all these years and it was the right decision to leave medical school.
And why?
Because you have a shiny gold trophy in your room.
doctors this blog needs movies
Little do these people realize that their film was of a select few, that could even have been nominated.
Sorry, your video of your trip to Disney does not count as a real candidate for this awards show.
I think you do a great Genie, but that isn’t what they are looking for.
What are they looking for?
I am not quite sure the people involved in films know at this point.
The credentials to announce a winning category are not that high, as two senior citizens tried to give the Best Picture out at the Oscars.
Their reading of the victor went as well as their plastic surgery hid their age.
Yes, I am talking about those Oscars.
The Oscars that I hate, and do not watch.
That this blog has on numerous occasions mocked and poked fun at for trying to create interest, that isn’t truly there.
This award show is where these prestigious humans with tremendous talent get together to pat themselves on the back, to congratulate each other on the amazing art they have given the world.
Art, that they think is amazing.
Art, that you and me can barely remember since we didn’t see the film.
remember this blog needs movies
La La La Land, the movie that the film industry and that one friend of yours who sees every movie loved, didn’t win Best Picture.
I know, after all that.
I didn’t even see the movie and I feel bad for it.
The movie that won Best Picture, after being told that La La Land didn’t really win, and that it was not a joke, was Moonlight.
What the hell is Moonlight?
I honestly had no idea what it was about when I heard the news.
Moonlight, does that have to do with the moon?
I bet the title has to do with some reference to being in the moonlight.
How that light can be the light to the person’s life.
I don’t know exactly but there is a metaphor in the title that I missed.
No, not dancing in the moonlight.
I said being in the moonlight.

Oh, no wait.
I know this movie.
This is the movie about the gay black guy.
I am not joking, that is what it is about.
Here is what the IMDB page says about the film.

A timeless story of human self-discovery and connection, Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.

Okay, so they don’t include the word gay, but that is what it is about.
What are they trying to fool people with that sly summary?
Come on, just say it for what it is.
Doing that is similar to if they described a war movie as

A chronicle of the life a young man who struggles to find his place in a world filled with organized violence as the enemy invades his homeland.

I am not using the word war, but you get the idea.
war this blog needs movies
The funniest part about the mess up by the two senior actors, who I am fairly certain someone will criticize me for not reaching that level of success as them an actors, is that I didn’t care.
Moonlight, La La Land, your Genie movie, do the Oscars think I am waiting on every moment for them, anticipating with eager eyes and a wanting soul on the winner?
Yeah they do, actually.
These people don’t just pretend that the world revolves around them, they believe it.
So when there is a mess up for movies I have no interest in, the news goes crazy over it.
I didn’t. (aside from writing this post)
I never wanted to see La La Land and I didn’t even know that Moonlight was an actual film.
That is of course, not what I will be told.
Everyone will act like Moonlight is great, and that we all should see it.
How La La Land got robbed for such a blunder.
And the pundits will all think they are so witty, so relevant by making the accident joke.
You know what I am talking about.
And the winner goes to (insert name)… Oh! I am kidding! The real winner is…(insert other name) See, because of the mistake made at the Oscars. Ha! Ha! I’m so funny.
Yeah, I get the joke.
It is not that funny, since I wasn’t watching it, I didn’t see either of the movies involved in it, and chances are, neither did you.
act this blog needs movies

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