Are We Ready For A Rated-R Batman Movie?

The movie landscape has changed in the recent years thanks to Marvel’s ambitious plans to take over the universe.
They seem to be the only ones making movies now and are doing everything that they can to be the only ones to do so.
Whici I assume that some sort of Monopoly will be declared and then reprimanded if Marvel keeps this up.
As much as I like staring at Scarlett Johannsen and am impressed by Chris Evans picking up planes with his biceps, the initial plan for family friendly superhero films have changed, due to in part of one of Marvel’s own heroes.
He is crude, rude, and filled with curses.
He has the maturity of a teenager and the lifespan of a god, and most importantly, he is a draw at the box office.
People will go to see him.
Kids will buy his merchandise.
Adults will dress up as him for Halloween.
All because he has been accepted in our society for being cool, if you will.

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Even Wolverine got in on the fun with making his last initial installment with Hugh Jackman, rated-R.
This is the same guy who has been Wolverine since 2000, and has been a large draw starring as him in movies rated PG-13, not R.
And now, because Deadpool makes an R-rated movie, he decides to go for it also.
Wow, that was a little brash Hugh.
logan this blog needs movies
If Deadpool was unsuccessful, would Logan has been knocked down to PG-13 to get more fans in the theaters?
Unlike Deadpool, Logan took a more darker tone with its storytelling, with the aging hero (and character) realizaing his own mortality and regretful life.
Instead of fart jokes and being funny as the chararcter gets brainwashed, Logan had Wolverine tired of being Wolverine, and on the verge of committing suicide.
Clearly the movies weren’t trying to keep your attention the same way, yet they both were hits.
Logan made 600 million and Deadpool 760 million at the box office.
It seems people don’t mind seeing Wolverine stick his claws into enemies or Deadpool getting a hole in his body.
In fact, you can even say with those numbers that we want to see more of it.
Which leads me to ask;
How long will it take these other superhero franchises to go rated-R?
Will they ever?
How could they be worried about revenue, did you see the numbers of the Deadpool movie?
The argument that a movie has to be rated PG or PG-13 to outperform a R-rated movie seems decided, or at the very least altered.

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The first superhero that came to my mind for this unusual change in film, is the one who has been the number one draw of them all.
The guy that has made audiences love him and his movies for the past ten years or so thanks to a more realistic take on the hero, but even that was only rated PG-13, not R.
The hero I am talking about is Batman.
Will we ever get an R-rated Batman movie?
Are we ready for that?

There are a few issues I see with making the Dark Knight more adult in its tone.
But with the household name that Batman has become, I am not sure if any of these would truly stop the movie from being made.

1. The Joker is now a serial killer we probably don’t even understand anymore.
He is on the levels of sociopaths that people are afraid of and don’t like.
The humor is gone from the character.
He is like Hannibal or Saw.
In the movies so far, no Joker has gone all the way crazy, since there is still some sympathy the actor tried to instill into the role.
But a rated-R Joker does not get any love from us.
He is the real sociopath that we think he is.
The romanticized version we get, is gone.

joker this blog needs movies

2. Batman and Catwoman probably have sex.
From what we all know of Batman and Catwoman have a romantic relationship.
They are attached to each other in a very intimate way.
The movies have yet to explore this romance and in an R-rated movie all bets are off.
Am I all of a sudden going to be watching Game Of Thrones with the two characters in Gotham?
If the movie is rated-R at that point, I don’t see what would be stopping them.

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3. Poison Ivy’s outfit is probably just leaves.
This point relates to the second one, with the sex life of these characters will come to life in an R-rated way.
Poison Ivy is a woman who wears a little more than a bikini, (if that much) and controls plants.
Being in an R-rated movie for this character will only end with her practically naked, and in a costume not appropriate for PG-13 movies.

4. I won’t want to see some nasty scenes that happened in the Batman universe, like Robin’s death and what happened to Barbara Gordon.
This point exposes the problem with making Batman rated-R.
The Joker has done some sick stuff, like beating Robin to death with a crowbrow, which I would not want to watch.
Don’t think he is twisted?
Take a look at this video and then realize with an R-rated movie, there are no limits.

poison ivy this blog needs movies

5. Batman’s own philosophy will probably have to change.
Eventually Batman will have to kill someone on screen.
Everybody else is going around killing, murdering and doing other awful crimes, one time Batman;s hand is going to go the wrong way into a guy.
It would be impossible for him not to take a hit, since the guy would be running around a now R-rated Gotham.

6. Gotham’s awful streets would be a real slum.
How bad would the city get?
Do we really want to see how people get shot on their way home from work?
I don’t know how much of that I want to see.
If the Batman universe goes R, this part of it has to change the most.
We will then be shown murderers and other crimes that a PG-13 movie would only explain briefly.
Which is a big freaking difference.

The Batman universe has seen a change over the years, mostly pertaining to the darker nature.
Th movies although being aware of this darker change still prefer to put Batman in a PG-13 movie, while doing what they can to make us feel like it is an adult movie.
Will this change one day?
Will we really all go to see Batman in an R-rated movie?
It seems there is nowhere else to go with the movie franchise but R, since you know they are not going to take away any of the violence PG-13 movies already have.
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